Software Development

We produce custom software solutions for the Internet, Desktop and Mobile devices using the latest Microsoft .Net technologies. For our customers we have created production solutions using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.Net, Windows CE and WinForms. Using these technologies along with our experience and excellent programming practices we are equipped to rapidly produce leading edge software solutions.

Our team develops high quality software by using Test Driven Development (TDD) strategies which guides our developers to write unit tests for the entire production code base. This strategy enables us to test the effects of different scenarios and how the code will behave when executing in production. It also enables us to support Continuous Integration (CI) which means as new features are added to the system the existing code can be quickly retested to verify the new changes will not have a negative effect.

We have experts certified in all versions of SQL Server which ensures best practices are used when architecting and developing your database structure which ultimately becomes the back bone of your system. The database schemas are strategically produced based on your environment capabilities i.e. Hardware and SQL Server license models as well as long term data objectives.

How to deal with legacy applications

Many corporations today have legacy applications running in their enterprise. These applications are typically written in Visual Basic 6.0 or Visual C++. Unfortunately, these software assets are preventing the organization from reaching their fullest potential as they are difficult to maintain as well as modify to support new business requirements.

We have many years of experience in writing these legacy applications and now we engage a number of customers in assisting them on creating a plan to rewrite these outdated systems using the latest Microsoft technologies. Using Agile methodologies combined with the latest Microsoft technologies we can assist your company in successfully transitioning your legacy applications to new solutions which will facilitate your existing and future business needs.