Connecting People with Information

The new Microsoft Technologies enable companies to quickly and safely integrate internal and external systems. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and BizTalk are two Microsoft technologies that effectively help companies to achieve their integration goals. We have many years experience with both of these technologies and have seen the incredible benefits that they bring to our customers.

Using WCF we have created hundreds of services which support many types of protocols i.e. REST, WS.*, TCP, Named Pipes, MSMQ, etc without having to write a single line of code instead it has all been achieved through configuration. This technology is outstanding for enabling customers to securely externalize their internal systems to create distributed environments.

BizTalk is another excellent choice for implementing system integration strategies. There is an upfront cost to this product however our experience has demonstrated that this cost is quickly recovered with the lack of development effort needed to connect multiple systems securely and reliably. It supports the same communication protocols used with WCF including FTP, SMTP, FILE and more. If your organization's integration requirements involve high TPS and mission critical data then this tool maybe right for you.

In addition to BizTalk and WCF our resources have many years of experience developing with other less commonly used communication protocols such as serial communications i.e. modems, sockets, X25 and Bisync. In our past experiences we have produced software which managed over a 100 modems and processed millions of financial transactions a month. We have a lot of experience in these areas and can be of assistance if you are using these technologies in your environment.


When integrating with different systems whether they are financial, healthcare or internal ERP solutions, security is always a requirement. If you are using WCF, BizTalk or a custom solution we can guide you on determining the best design to achieve your security goals. We have experience working with hardware security appliances and integrating software security libraries in our applications to enable message based encryption using algorithms such as DES, 3DES, PKI, etc.